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writing prompts

Page history last edited by Candance Doerr-Stevens 12 years, 3 months ago

inspirational sites for writing prompts:

a blog that features random items that were "found" by the blog author, each piece housing a potential story, essay, poem or rant.

  • Post Secret -- 

    a quirky blog that features very unique post cards, each with a story waiting to be written. The blog author receives thousands of postcards a week, and s/he selects a few to be
    published on the blog. These images could generate very interesting writing. (Warning: some images--especially the most recent post--are not
    always appropriate for young or horny students, but many others are perfect.
  • Oneword.com -- Try these easy, refreshing, and brief (only sixty seconds) one-word writing prompts. Perfect for your own writing or your classroom. 
  • Creative Writing Prompts --

a very kid friendly site Kiddos choose a random number and with it comes a very general writing prompt or lead in to writing.


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