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Meaning emerges not through correspondences between the flat marks   [of print]  but through the interactions of human and nonhuman cognizers distributed through the environment 


                - Katherine Hayles, My Mother Was a Computer (2005, p. 212)













reading & writing connection




reading instructional books:

reader engagement & motivation


Struggling Readers/ Reading Comprehension:



  • African American Learners Project Annotated Bibliography

    Members of the Thinking and Development team of the African American Learners Project compiled this bibliography. In addition to resources specifically on African American learners, the bibliography provides a short list of resources for writing teachers on the achievement gap.

  • Bibliography: Whiteness Studies

    This bibliography has an introduction that describes the field and contextualizes key sources as they relate to the teaching of writing.


  • An Annotated Bibliography of Resources on Rural Poverty

    This bibliography, compiled by Ann Healy–Raymond and Kathy Rowland, focuses on how poverty affects the education of rural students, with a focus on the implications for literacy instruction. The authors' excellent introduction to the bibliography helps situate this research in National Writing Project contexts.




Boys & Literacy


Other reading resources:





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