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Participatory Action Research:



Critical Discourse Analysis


Ethnographic methods:

  • Emerson, Fertz & Shaw (1995) Writing Ethnographic Field Notes  
  • Valdes, Guadalupe (1996) Con Respeto: Bridging the Distances Between Culturally Diverse Families and Schools : An Ethnographic Portrait 
  •  Marcus, G. E. (1995) Ethnography in/of world system: the emergence of multi-sited ethnography.  Annual Review of Anthropology 24 95-117. 
  • Law, J. (1994) Organizing Modernity (includes a chapter on tracing the circulation of flow of texts that script performace p. 111)


Interview techniques and representation:


Digital Ethnography:




Dissertation Writing:


online dissertations: Exploring Digital Media through Dynamics --



  • Lara Handsfield <lhandsf@ILSTU.EDU>


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