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English Language Learners (ELL)

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ELL Teacher Blogs:



An Annotated Bibliography of ELL Resources

By: Judith Rance-Roney, Lynn Jacobs  (Compliments of NWP Resources) 


Table of Contents

  1. Academic Literacy and English Language Learners
  2. Adult English Language Learners
  3. Bilingual Education in Schools
  4. Content Area Instruction for English Language Learners
  5. Cultural Identity and English Language Learners
  6. Diverse English Language Learner Populations
  7. English Language Arts Classrooms and English Language Learners
  8. Emerging Literacy and ELLs in Early Elementary Settings
  9. English Language Learners: Portraits and Challenges
  10. Equity and Access in Education for English Learners
  11. Essential Bookshelf for New and Practicing Teachers of ELLs
  12. Family Literacy and English Language Learners
  13. Language Acquisition and Learning
  14. Long-Term English Learners / Generation 1.5
  15. School Administrator Resources and References
  16. Standards and High-Stakes Testing for English Language Learners
  17. Writing and English Language Learners


PDF Download "Resources for Educators of English Language Learners: An Annotated Bibliography"


more Resources:

Stanford's Understanding Language YouTube channel.  NWP's Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez just referenced this growing site on the Know ELLs ning, with the explanation: You won't find practical advice in that channel, but you'll find over 14 short  videos by the leading ELL researchers explaining what implementation of the CCSS means to the field. And you will literally see the "shape of things to come" as this Stanford-based group approaches its deadline to make sweeping and national curriculum and assessment recommendations. "


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