Digital Media Composition (DMC)

What is Digital Media Composition (a.k.a. Digital Storytelling/Video Composition)?

(See DMC Gallery for examples of digital stortytelling and other digital media by genre, including pieces by students and professionals)



DMC & Digital Storytelling in the classroom:


Book Trailers


Digital Storytelling 





Podcasting & Radio Writing


Video Remix / Media Mashups



Digital Humanities (movement in higher ed)


More Genres of Digital Media Composition 


Online Tools and Tutorials for creating Digital Media Texts:


web-based video editing sites:  







Sites that support the practice & teaching of digital media composition:


 Center for Digital Storytelling --

At the CDS Web site, you can read interviews, download articles about digital storytelling, see sample stories, and order Joe Lambert's book, Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community.

DigiTales --

Check out Bernajean Porter's site for ideas, resources, and storytelling examples. You can also order her new book, DigiTales: the Art of Telling Digital Stories. --

Visit Jason Ohler's site for information on his upcoming book and links to other digital storytelling resources.

Sara Armstrong Consulting --

Sara Armstrong's site offers links to resources related to a number of education technology topics, including digital storytelling.

Techszewski --

Teacher and researcher Tom Banaszewski's blog is a great place to read about — and see examples of — his experiences with digital storytelling over the years. He also includes links to other valuable resources in the field.



books for teaching DMC