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The word assessment … derives from the Latin word assidere, meaning to sit alongside. This is a useful

metaphor for assessment, particularly in the classroom.

                        --Peter. H. Johnston, Knowing Literacy


As much as these new procedures for writing assessment make practical and theoretical sense to those of us who teach and research written communication, they will not be widely developed or implemented without much work and struggle, without an increased emphasis on writing assessment within the teaching of writing at all levels…The ability to assess is the ability to determine and control what is valuable… Changing the foundation which directs the way student writing is assessed involves altering the power relations between students and teachers and teachers and administrators.  It can also change what we will come to value as literacy in and outside of school

                                                Brian Huot, “Toward a New Theory of Writing Assessment” (p. 173)


I no longer use the words good and bad to describe students and their writing.  To me, students are simply somewhere on the path (I hope) toward becoming lifelong writers.  My job is not to judge them but to figure where they are on the path and then nudge them forward on their journey.                         -- Carl Anderson, Assessing Writers (chapter 6) 




School/District-Wide Assessment:


Books/Resources on assessing writing:

New Media Assessment:



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