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about me

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"We cannot remake the world through schooling, but we can instantiate a vision through pedagogy that creates in microcosm a transformed set of relationships and possibilities for social futures, a vision that is lived in schools." 

                                                                     --New London Group  


"It is not our lack of knowledge but our resistance to knowledge and our desire for ignorance that often prevents us from changing the oppressive status quo."                 -- Kevin Kumashiro


"Bigness is even more a force in education today.  Big reforms. Big textbooks. Big research. Big business.  Yet I suspect real, lasting change will occur on a small scale, in the "crannies" of the educational system, in the micro-experiments of the teaching day. That I suspect, will be the challenge of the twenty-first century." 


                                   -- Thomas Newkirk,  Teaching the Neglected "R" (p. 9)





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