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Doing interviews

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How to conduct an interview:


Examples of full interviews with interviewer & interviewee:

  • Astronaut Sally Ride - interviewed by Scholastic kid Reporter Miriam El Hasan
  • Skateboarder Tony Hawk - interviewed by Scholastic kid reporter Miriam El Hasan about his new video game Shred (4:50)
  • Earth Day 2009: Interview with a Green Mayor (4:45) - Kid reporter Daniel Wetter interviews Mayor of Sacramento, CA, Kevin Johnson, on how Sacramento is trying to reduce its carbon footprint (See also final news report Wetter wrote based on interview)
  • Behind the Badge (4:17) - Kid reporter Daniel Wetter interviews Roseville, CA Chief of Police, Andy Taylor (more produced news piece including B-roll footage, etc.)


Examples of interviews edited into a final product:

     While viewing note the following:

    • Use of different types of interviews (informal "on the street" interviews vs. formal, planned interviews)
    • Use of archival footage and still photos,
    • Use of voice over to connect ideas and themes
    • Caption bars to introduce interviewees
    • Credits at the end to name interviews



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