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family heritage and genealogy

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family genealogy or heritage:

  • Putting the Pieces Together  (6:14) by Debra Hartley -- A video to encourage undergrads to pursue genealogy research.
  • Coiffi Family History (4:47) by Avery Schwartz Cioffi family member -- video takes on travel show genre to narrate history of the family
  • The Language Apprentice (5:23) - describes the life of a young woman, Arlene Blackdeer, who focuses on language and cultural revitalization in her teaching (based in Ho-Chunk Nation, Tomah, WI).  Part of  The Ways video series by Wisconsin Media Lab.  See also Prayer in a Song (3:57)



family member portraits or biographies:

  • "The Letter" (3:13) by Manil Suri -- a portrait of a mother who briefly worked for Indira Ghandi 
  • Redefining Documentary (1:10) - A mini project based composed of old negatives of a woman and her family (who are seen in the photographs), and a recording a letter she mailed to her brother while he is away in the air force.


focus on an artifact or object:

  • "The Letter" (3:13) by Manil Suri -- a portrait of a mother who briefly worked for Indira Ghandi

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